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iTrackPro CANBUS

Working with existing GPRS/SMS and GPS satellite network, this product can locate and track remote target through SMS or internet.

iTrackPRO Specifications
  • gsm
    Remote Configuration via GSM and GPRS
  • gps
    Dynamic Report in real time
  • Overspeed
    Overspeed alert
  • Geofence
    Exit from a configured zone

Main Functionalities

Vehicle positioning and tracking Remote vehicle engine and fuel block
Vehicle trace Vehicle history
KM/Distance Anti-theft and assault
Vehicle and driver tracking SMS dispatch
iTrackPro CANBUS Datasheet

Main Features

Personal or Vehicle GPS Positioning and fleet management. Remote engine and fuel block. Free Real time Online platform tracking.
Worldwide use. Frequency: GSM 900/1800/1900MHz GPS high sensitivity chipset , hight technology.
Accurate positioning event when the signal is week and conver by the surroundings. Excellent performance in limited spaces such narrow streets or cities with high traffic. Compact and easy hidden installatrion.
Low power consumption. Fast GPS reception. SMS and GPRS modes supported.
Alarm supported and remote tracking(optional). It supports SMS and internet tracking and positioning. Vehicle secret tracking and location.
Positioning through a cellphone via SMS. Panic function (SOS, optional).  

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