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The iTrackPro Bracelet is a device based on GPS/GPRS/SMS technology to be placed on the wrist and designed for tracking, security and people location. The battery can last 5 days. It is armored, waterproof and perfect for executives or prisoners.We offer the turnkey system, with internet monitoring optional, with free technical support option and with 1 year warranty against all faults from factory.We give the installation, training and setting up the entire tracking central option.

iTrackPRO Specifications
  • gsm
    Remote Configuration via GSM and GPRS
  • gps
    Dynamic Report in real time
  • Overspeed
    Overspeed alert
  • Geofence
    Exit from a configured zone
  • Data Logger
    Position data storage
  • Quad-Band

Main Functionalities

It supports GPRS/SMS communication Standard tracking in real time through:unit PIN, location, speed, time, direction, alarm status
Automatic time reports, or through commands Geofence protection
Voice monitoring Panic button
Sleep mode for power saving Remote configuration
Motion alert Overspeed alert
SMS send and reception Tracking through a cellphone
Low battery report Alarm clock
GPRS/SMS time reports configuration Bracelet detachment and opening alert
Bracelet ON/OFF status
iTrackPro BRACELET Datasheet

Main Features

GSM/GPRS Simcom module with internal antenna GPS Module: SiRF III 20 channels, high sensitivity and with internal antenna. Scan rate: 1 Hz.
GPRS/SMS communication modes Protocole: NMEA-0183 compatible Precision: 1-5 meters
GPS location start up: cold start 42 sec., warm start: 35 sec Charge voltage: 4.5 to 5 Volts Standby consumption: 15mA
Operation consumption: 80mA Li-Ion battery: 2200mAh (5 days) Microphone and speaker included, panic button, main button, on/off button, sim card holder, USB mini connector
Dimensions: 66 mm x 46 mm x 18 mm Weight: 50 gr  

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