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iTrackPro CAR

The iTrackPro CAR is a system based on GPS/GPRS technology developed and designed specially for motocicles tracking and location in real time.

iTrackPRO Specifications
  • gsm
    Remote Configuration via GSM and GPRS
  • gps
    Dynamic Report in real time
  • Overspeed
    Overspeed alert
  • Data Logger
    Position data storage
  • Quad-Band

Main Functionalities

QuadBand 850/900/1800/1900 device. GPRS Class 2 Global Organization: both antennas GPS and GSM included
Vibration sensor included, anti-theft device Motocicle ignition detector
Engine and fuel pump block Panic button
Voice tracking function Unit disconnection alert. (with back up battery)
Waterproof desing High sensitivity GPS antenna
External connection compatible (serial port)
iTrackPro CAR Datasheet

Main Features

GSM QuadBand 850/900/1800/1900. GSM module included GPRS/Class 12 TCP/IP. GPS/Sirf Star III/LT module.
20 Channels of GPS. Tracking sensitivity: -159dBm. Acquisition sensitivity: -144dBm.
Hot start: 2sec (open sky) Warm start: 15sec Cold start: 38sec (open sky). GSM antenna included . High sensitivity GPS. Voice tracking range: 5m
Panic button. Battery: 500 mAh. Weight: 80g.
Dimensions: 98.0mm x 52.0mm x 15.0mm. Input voltage range: 5-36 VDC. LED Indicator / Three leds indicators: GPS (blue), GSM (green), Energía (red).
Operation temperature: -25º C to +70ºC. Operation humidity: 5% to 95%.  

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